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Who are the Jets taking at 3? – NFL Mock Draft Expert Picks

After trading with the Indianapolis Colts to move up from the sixth to third overall pick in the 2018 NFL Draft, the question remains – who are they targeting? The obvious answer starts with a quarterback, but with four QBs’ names being tossed around as the premier group of this draft class, which is it that the Jets seek? We’ll take a look at some expert opinions.

Josh Rosen

NCAA Football: California at UCLA
Kirby Lee – USA TODAY Sports

They moved up for a reason, which is to land a franchise quarterback. They decide to take Rosen over Baker Mayfield and Josh Allen.Pete Prisco, CBS Sports

The Jets didn’t trade up to No. 3 to draft a pass rusher. They swung big for Kirk Cousins in free agency and didn’t land him. Rosen makes all the throws. The last time the Jets picked a QB the top five, he took them to two AFC Championship Games in his first two years. Rosen won’t even have to start Week 1 in 2018 with veteran QBs in place.Peter Schrager, NFL Network

Baker Mayfield

Brett Deering, Getty Images

It’s Broadway Baker. The Jets should dispatch Broadway Joe Namath on draft night to welcome him to the organization, AND present him with a mink coat to match Namath’s iconic garb. – Charles Davis, NFL Network

Jets general manager Mike Maccagnan did the near impossible by trading into the top five without having to give up the team’s 2019 first-round pick. Instead he is able to land a would-be franchise quarterback for the No. 6 pick and two second-round picks this year, and a second rounder next year. It’s a lot of picks, but not an ungodly ransom. – Dan Kadar,

Josh Allen

Ethan Miller – Getty Images

My belief has been throughout this process that the Jets covet Josh Allen. I reported back in November sources at Wyoming told me no team has done more work on Allen than the Jets. He’s a big (6’5″, 233 lbs), athletic, strong-armed quarterback with the ideal tools to run offensive coordinator Jeremy Bates’ scheme. – Matt Miller, Bleacher Report

The Giants got their man, and now the Jets land a QB, which is the reason they made the pre-draft deal with the Colts in the first place. The question is whether the team will prefer Allen’s potential or Baker Mayfield’s physical skills and leadership style. – Chad Reuter,

What about Sam Darnold?

Most experts believe that Darnold will not be available for the Jets to draft, pending a further move-up in the draft. If the Browns were somehow to pass on Darnold at 1, the consensus is that the Giants would either select him, or trade away their pick to a team looking to move up and snag him.

Opinions are varied, and each team will have to decide which quarterback they feel comfortable handing the keys to the franchise over to, but Darnold appears to be the front-runner in this close-knit QB class.

We went to Twitter to see who fans wanted the Jets to select, and the results are in…


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